Covid-19 Prevention and Precaution Measures

Dear clients, in order to protect you and our therapists as much as possible from the Covid-19 virus:

– please come on the scheduled time and not before,

-please do not come for your appointment if you experience any sickness symptoms

-please wash your hands first thing as you enter the clinic.

-please do not use out WC, if possible

-please bring your own small towell to rest your face on if possible

-please,do not be alarmed as we will be wearing gloves and masks as a safety precaution not because we are sick.

-there will be no water or candy available after treatment.

-we will disinfect the bed between treatments,

-change all one-time protections, from the bed use a fresh towel for every client, change gloves, as well as disinfect doorknobs, hangers, and the clothes chairs.

We do our best to keep everyone safe and healthy under the extraordinary circumstances. Thank you for understanding!