In the competitive business sector of the present day your company will need every advantage point to keep you on top, Ny Liv Spa will give you the perfect solution to keep your employees in tip top shape of mind and spirit, so they will enjoy coming to work, giving better results, increasing their productivity and giving your company a better and no cost solution for increasing your salary package. Statistics has proven that the company’s higher results are directly correlated with the well being of the employees, as a company is the sum of the its employees working effort. On the long term constant office massage sessions prevent a series of medical issues associated with the static repetitive office work, with Ny Liv Spa Corporate offer you will show your employees that your company cares for their well being. Why choose our corporate offer? To increase your employees productivity and performance at the office To reduce the office work related problems associated with long time sitting position and computer duties To improve the employees perception of their work place and have a more competitive salary package To decrease the costs with the paid medical leave caused by stress and prolonged office work To have your own dedicated massage center right in your office space Because we have very specialized masseurs in office massage and chronic muscle detention. Our business finance solutions: The company can pay for the massage contract The company can split the costs of the massage contract with the employees The employees can pay for the massage contract