Electromagnetism and Detox massage

Try our new treatment with an hour of full body massage and 40 min of electromagnetism sesion with BodyNova machine. Electromagnetism is a alternative science that treats the body with the help of hertz waves. Among its benefits are veins and blood cleansing, limfatic stimulation, body detoxifiation, blood circulation stimulation. It helps with cold extremities simptoms, fatigue, headaches and allergies ( you can learn more about it on Body Nova/Facebook). In combination with massage that also stimulates blood flow and cleansing the electromagnetism will enhance the life quality and stimulate the regenerative capacities of the organism.
The treatment is available only for single persons and for now only in Amager location.
It is not recommanded for pregnant women or persons that have a peacemaker or undergone heart surgery

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Dear customers and friends. You can now benefit from our products and services in a new and stylish manner. Our Shop! Besides the treatments and massages you got acustomed to, we now provide the Elemental line of products, right to your door step. From oils to home made kits (so you can prepare your own blend of potions), these products will keep you beautiful, fresh and rejuvenated. Feel free to browse the site, add products to your shopping basket and order away. You can pay with Mobile Pay, or cash, we can deliver your products to your doorstep or you can pick it up from one of our clinics Same as before you can benefit from our services in our clinics on in your home Go to the Shop! 

Powered by Wind Turbines

Powered by Wind Turbines

Did you know that our website runs on power from wind turbines?

It does. Our website is placed on servers that solely run on power from wind turbines.

Why are wind turbines better for the environment?

Because wind turbines produce 100 % renewable energy, based on a natural resource.

How is this possible?

Our servers are placed at data centres that run on power purchased with RECS-certificates, which guarantees that the power used comes from wind turbines. RECS stands for Renewable Energy Certificate System, and is a worldwide collaboration that makes it possible to book and claim power